Tharin's Journal is a manuscript that was found by Allan Belandar and translated by Stewart "Kwon" Hilton. 

The JournalEdit

Supreme High General Tharin was the commander of the Grey Corp of Daranosh's Three Corps Army. Two centuries after Poe's Curse destroyed all the historical records, Tharin realized that his memories of everything that had happened over the last seven thousand years was beginning to fade. 

He decided to write out the key events of history as he remembered them, begining with creation itself, providing a very unique perspective on the incidents. To keep the project secret, especially from Daranosh, who the journal makes extremely critical accusations toward, Tharin used a special technique for writing on the paper of the journal. The ink would only reveal itself under very specific conditions. 

The greatest differences between Tharin's account and, for example, the accounts in FM1 , are found in his recollection of Creation. While FM1 explains everything in a poetic frame, with emphasis on the metaphysical significance of everything that happened, Tharin gives an eye-witness account of the incidents. His is very cold and imperical and logical. Both his account and what is recorded in FM1 are consistent in stating what basic events actually happened, however. 


It's no accident that some of the chapters mimic the titles and order of FM1 . Tharin used reference points from the Lower Knight holy book to help him organize his records.

  1. The Beginning
  2. The Great Trial
  3. The Curse of the Cloud
  4. The Great Broadening/The Shaynokeiz
  5. Man Enters Orbit
  6. The Highway Builders' Millennium
  7. Eternal Wars
  8. Poe's Legacy
  9. The Incarnation Period
  10. The Order of the Lower Knights
  11. Development of Two Edged/The Great Secularization
  12. Great Highway War
  13. The Northern Door
  14. The Knights of Belandar Assignment
  15. Rahk Knakh
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