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John "Nat" Nataka is a character that appears in many of the Lower Knight novels. The Sky Highway Saga centers around his journey from out of his home region of Two Edged into the rest of the world. 


Nat was raised by goat farmers in the high-desert city of Hands in the Light Region of Two Edged. He was enrolled in full-time Lower Knight training at the Hnads Outpost when he was fifteen, and showed rapid growth in his duedamus mastery skills. 


At the beginning of the Expansion Era, Nat is a formittable Lower Knight, though he is less a warrior and more a politician. 


Nat's armor is a strange hybrid of Dragon Mind and Namasokai armor. It has extremely unique abilities, in addition to the typical immunities to mental attacks that Dragon Mind normally has. 

Duedamus MasteryEdit

Nat specializes almost entirely on telekinetic and mental attacks. He uses duedamus extremely efficiently in these attacks, which lets him create very powerful blasts of air and energy. His control is so efficient and precise that he can fly at high speeds in his armor. 


Nat carries a very unusual sword. It was constructed by possibly one of the best swordsmiths in the Natoas Empire. It is a Natoas-style, curved saber made of living steel which also has a black steel finish. This by itself makes it a priceless weapon, but that's not even its most unique ability.

The swordmaster also fused a fragment from a very large living gold sphere to the pummel. This, combined with a special technique of construction, gives the sword the ability to retract and extend the blade, similar to how Lower Knight armor deploys and retracts. 

Nat can carry the sword, the blade converted to duedamus energy inside the gold sphere fragement, as a bladeless hilt. It makes the weapon very easy to hide and gives it the appearance of being useless. 

Nat also sometimes carries a massive hammer that was the signature weapon of a friend of his. 

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