Kwon, or Stewart Hilton, appears as a key character in multiple novels. The Kights of Belandar Saga centers around his becoming a Lower Knight. 


Kwon was born and raised in Lidasa West to a lower-middle class family. He has an usual aptitude for languages, having learned both Kasénan and Natoas by the time he finished secondary school. After finishing secondary school, he was awarded a scholarship to participate in a special exchange student program which allowed him to study at a university in Kaséna. 

He spent two years in the program, then elected to leave Kaséna and live in Karudona Nato. Using up his savings quickly, the only way he could find to support himself was to becoming a teaching assistant at a martial arts school in the capital city. It was there that he met Allan Belandar and began to learn about the Lower Knights.


By the beginning of the Expansion Era, Kwon is arguably the most superior of all Lower Knights. His is not the most powerful, but the combination of his incredible reserves of duedamus, his ease of use of duedamus fire mastery, and his advanced martial arts prowess make him extremely formittable. 


Kwon's armor has matured into Dragon Heart armor, giving him an almost limitless reservior of duedamus to work with, and he uses it liberally. He's known for letting his hair hang loose and letting his armor deploy before taking his helm from his shoulder to his head. This gives him his signature appearance of having his locks of hair covered in metal. 

His armor also multiplies his strength a great deal more than typical Dragon Heart armor does. 

Duedamus MasteryEdit

Most of Kwon's abilities are self-taught, using his creativity to use duedamus fire in innovative ways. He can create fire at nearly any point in the air within a wide radius around his person, including inside the bodies of opponents. He doesn't know many telekineses or armor manipulation techniques, however, only really utilizing a few methods for shielding himself from projectile attacks. 


Kwon carries two swords. One is an over-sized saber stylized almost like a scimitar, but Kwon has always thought of it as more of a silly, novelty design. He uses it effectively regardless. His favored weapon, however is an extremely rare, ancient Natoas blade. It's a curved saber about a meter long made of conventional steel, but plated with black rust. 

It is partly because this is not a true Lower Knight sword that Kwon keeps the over-sized scimitar, but it is still an extremely useful weapon because of the black rust finish. The black rust "bleeds" duedamus more easily than a true living steel sword might, which actually makes some of Kwon's signature techniques easier to execute. 

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