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The Federation of Allied States is comprised of two major Light Regions, Lasnadokah, Lidasa West, plus a large number of Highway Nodes. The reference to "Allied States" refers to the cities of each Light Region, not to the regions themselves, oweing back to the ancient governments where each city was a separate, sovereign state (only Two Edged currently maintains this organization). 
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The FAS is governed by a checks and balances system of three executive leaders, plus a parliment of elected representatives. The three executives each represent a different facet of government.

  • The President is the head of political action in the federation. The office is responsible for forming a budget for all public spending and has the power to propose and veto laws to the parliment. 
  • The Executive General is the head of all military forces. In times of emergency, control of police forces also fall under the control of the Executive General.
  • The Minister of Commerce oversees domestic markets. Interest rates and taxes on businesses are ultimately monintored by this office. The office seeks to moderate the economy and keep it stable. 

FAS Controlled NodesEdit

Western DoorEdit

Located over Carrie on the Northern Continent

Post-Fade condition: Medium-velocity crash.

Beauson NodeEdit

Located over Ganatasha on the Left Continent

Type: Third Generation, Block-Type

Post Fade condition: Low-velocity crash.

Southeastern DoorEdit

Located over Sira on the Lidasa continent

Type: Conversion-Period, Ring-Type, Class 3

Post Fade condition: High orbit.

Deep East DoorEdit

Located over Lidasa East.

Type: Second Generation, Ring-Type, Class 2

Post Fade condition: Tangled, intact

Node ThreeEdit

Located over Raizara on the Numbered Continent 

Type: First Generation, Sickle-Type, Hawk Class

Post-Fade condition: Stable orbit

Node FourEdit

Located over Dothnei-Ehka on the Numbered Continent.

Post-Fade condition: Stable orbit

Vediva NodeEdit

Located over Great Chain East

Post-Fade condition: Tangled, intact


Located over the Western Ocean, to the west of the Left Continent

Post-Fade condition: Tangled and destroyed.

North Half-Way Edit

Located over the Western Ocean.

Type: Second Generation, Stay Ring-Type, Class 1 Equivalent

Post-Fade condition: Lost.

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