Lower Knight Novels

These novels deal with events revolving around the volatile rentry of the isolated region of Two Edged into the global community. 

Two Edged SagaEdit

The first Lower Knight novels, introducing the characters William Carpenter and Nat.

Knights of Belandar SagaEdit

Kwon is a young martial artist who suddenly finds multiple organizations and people trying to manipulate him. His choices as to who he lets influence him has wide-reaching consequences.

Sky Highway SagaEdit

Nat and two colleagues are some of the first people from Two Edged to travel to the Sky Highway, an orbital network connecting all the isolated regions of Atanoah.

Imperfect FinaleEdit

Cass seeks a new path in life despite the many challenges from her past. This book bridges the gap between the Emergence Era and the Expansion Era.

Fading Cloud SagaEdit

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