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Typical Lower Knight armor.

The armor of a Lower Knight is a modular system, usually consisting of seven pieces, that can deploy into a full-body suit of sentient metal that protects, strengthens, and accelerates the wearer. 


The metal of the armor is called "living" because it can behave independently, unpredictably, or somewhat contrary to the direction of the knight, almost always in a way that is to the advantage of the knight. The armor is always made of pure living platinum. 

Power SourceEdit

Sphere in hand
Lower Knights believe the power and ability of their armor comes from the God they worship, a three-component trinity often referred to as The Father. The actual power source of the armor and the Lower Knights' extraordinary abilities is referred to as duedamus . Duedamus is usually a plasma-like fire that can quickly congeal into the metal of the armor to repair damages to the suit.

Duedamus is stored in three main ways. It can be stored in the metal of a Lower Knight sword, within the body of a Lower Knight, and, primarily, in special platinum spheres . The spheres form during special conditions around the mouths of the Elements (pillars of fire that rise up from the core of the planet). A large percentage of Lower Knight training revolves around preparing for expeditions to obtain these spheres. They place spheres obtained from around specific Elements to specific sections of their armor. 

Five Sections in Seven PiecesEdit

The seven armor pieces of the standard Hannik-variant set comprise one skull-cap helm, a collar piece that resembles a very heavy necklace, two full-forearm bracers, a heavy belt, and two large boots. In keeping with the sentient nature of the metal, each piece will meld itself to perfectly fit the wearer. 

Traditionally, the Lower Knights divide the armor into five sections. Each section, and the "sphere set" that attaches to it, have their own unique enhancements to the suit or the wearer. 

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