Year 1359 CNY to 5806 CNY, Starting with the Great Broadening and ending with the construction of the first Sky Highway.

1359 CNY - Great BroadeningEdit

Abbanosh comes in the form of a winding dragon coiling all around the world, giving Him His name. People travel by land and sea over a period of ten years, then Abbanosh vanishes. 

Bold men traveled the seas to populate Lidasa and Ganatasha. Strong men crossed the arctic to form the Commonwealth of Gold at the opposite side of Two Edged on the world. Those who wanted to be nearer to the rising sun traveled east toward the lands that would be called Karudona Nato and Kaséna. Men who sought long evenings of rest traveled west to Lasna Dokah.

5582 CNY - COG enters Space AgeEdit

The Commonwealth of Gold maps all Light Regions and has geosynchronous satellites in orbit by 5661 CNY. Travel between Light Regions begins slowly.

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