From year 0 CNY to 167 CNY. From creation to the formation of the Great Cloud. 

0 CNY - CreationEdit


The Creators, the Three Dragons, created time and space. 

Day One: Five great beings were created to watch the Creators work. The world, Atanoah (World of Fires), was formed as a sphere covered with nothing but water. Light was cast down from the Dragons. Abbanosh (Gold Dragon) gave the gold light of dawn and dusk, Immanunosh (Platinum Dragon) gave the bright white light of day, and Shuanosh (Black Dragon) watched over the world during the darkness of night. 

Day Two: A sea of air was formed over the sea of water, giving the world a glow all its own while it remained in the light of the Creators. 

Day Three: The sea was broken up by landmasses. Then, plantlife exploded all over Atanoah, on the land and in the oceans. 

Day Four: The Creators took the world in its right forclaw and blew out into the void around it. Flying throughout the dust in great spirals and at near-light-speed, billions of years past and countless stars formed, filling the void with color and light. But only one day past on the tiny world held in the Creators' claw. 

Day Five: The Creators came down and swam through air and ocean, forming creatures that would swim and fly through these mediums. 

Day Six: Walking over the world, the Creators formed beasts of all shapes and sizes that were to live on the land. Finally, he formed one man from the clay of a river on a northern continent. 

Day Seven: The Three Dragons rested, and everywhere where its claws had pierced the ground a pillar of fire rose up, these fires called Elements. Where its claws had dug in while it had flown through the heavens greater fires rose up, called Gold Elements. In the land of Kasena, the Creators had set its thumb and had readjusted it several times during flight, giving this land many of the great fires. 

Later on, the Higher Knights were created to help watch over the world and the heavens around it.

143 CNY - Great TrialEdit

Great Trial, beginning of Highest War, blessing of Higher Knights slain defending the Creators

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